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GARR services

Services for a community on the move

 A wide range of services are included in the GARR network access agreement, some of which are strictly related to network management, and others more oriented towards end users.



   Service subject to cost assessment


GARR NOC (Network Operations Center) GARR NOC (Network Operations Center) is responsible for the network management and operations, the reporting service, the fault management, the activation of new connections, the collection and publication of statistical data of traffic.


GARR provides, on demand, end-to-end connectivity services to establish direct physical or virtual connections between two or more locations in order to geographically extend their data centres or tosegregate specific application data and share resources in a transparent way. According to the technical requirements, different types of service can be provided: end-to-end circuits (based on the use of the DWDM transmission network with very low latency and with link capacities up to 100 Gbps), L2-VPN and L3- VPNs, or virtual private networks of level 2 or level 3, created by using IP/MPLS technology.

All organisations connected to GARR can request tailored solutions according to their needs and receive an economic offer for the service by writing to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


GINS monitoring system(GARR Integrated Networking Suite) includes tools for diagnosing and tracing problems of the network infrastructure and services as well as traffic monitoring systems. GINS publishes public statistics online and customised access for individual organisations.


GARR LIR (Local Internet Registry ) is the service that assigns IPv4 and IPv6 networks to users. The availability of public IP addresses makes possible for institutions to create an open network directly visible from national and international Internet destinations, with the ability to host services (websites, mail, videoconference) and to make each user individually present on the network.


Upon request, GARR offers a secondary DNS service for institutions. For the registration of a .it domain it is necessary to have at least 2 DNS (primary, secondary). Institutions are guaranteed support for DNS configuration both during activation and for all maintenance operations.


All GARR users can register .it and .eu domain names for free. The responsible  service is GARR NIC (Network Information Centre).


With NRENUM, GARR  offers the possibility to request numbering spaces with an Italian prefix under the NRENum tree, or + All organisations connected to the GARR network can request it.



CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) assists users in the management of computer security incidents and in the implementation of prevention and mitigation measures. The service disseminates information on the most common vulnerabilities and security tools to be adopted; issues directives on the minimum safety requirements for machines with access to the network and verifies compliance with them.


SCARR (Repetitive Scans on Demand) SCARR (Repetitive Scans on Demand) runs vulnerability tests on machines on GARR network. These tests can be requested by the local technical representatives (APM) of the organisations connected to GARR.



IDEM (IDEntity Management per l'accesso federato) è il servizio che offre una chiave di accesso unica ai servizi online. Grazie alla Federazione IDEM, le organizzazioni semplificano la gestione delle credenziali e gli utenti hanno il vantaggio di una sola password da ricordare. Tutte le organizzazioni connesse a GARR possono registrare un Identity Provider. Qualsiasi organizzazione (Service Provider) che fornisce servizi di interesse della comunità GARR (editori, fornitori di software o servizi online, ecc) può registrare un risorsa nella Federazione.


eduroam (Education Roaming) ) è il servizio che permette agli utenti in mobilità presso altre organizzazioni di accedere in modo semplice e sicuro alla rete wireless usando le stesse credenziali fornite dalla propria organizzazione.


Certification Service del GARR grants to its community digital certificates for free, both in the personal and server version These certificates are issued by one of the major commercial Certification Authorities: DigiCert, automatically recognised by almost all existing web browsers. All organisations connected to GARR can request server certificates, while personal certificates can be requested by users of organisations that adhere to the IDEM Federation.


   Service subject to cost assessment


In addition to its network infrastructure, GARR operates a computing and storage infrastructure, on top of which the GARR Cloud Platform is developed. Through this platform, the research and education community can access on-demand, shared and flexible resources, thus reducing infrastructure costs without any loss of security and data confidentiality, and with the guarantee that their data are hosted within national borders.

GARR Cloud Platform currently provides three types of service: virtual machines, virtual data centres (a collection of resources that an administrator can manage as if it were their own data centre) and PaaS cloud applications (that is, the ability to install and use one-click applications). GARR manages its cloud with a federated approach: organisations connected to GARR network can participate actively by providing resources or skills.


GARRbox GARRbox is a personal cloud storage service for file storage and sharing. It is an alternative to commercial services (such as Dropbox, Google Drive or SugarSync) designed specifically for the Italian research and education community. It enables data synchronization between different devices, such as PCs, tablets and smartphones, and the collaboration and sharing of resources with other users and work groups. Thanks to the IDEM Federation, access is controlled and verified. Resources are guaranteed over time and there are no unilateral changes to the agreements. Data are not sold to third parties and are kept within national borders ensuring full compliance with the Italian laws on privacy, copyright and resilience.
All member organisations of the IDEM Federation can request an economic offer for the service by writing to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The IdP in the Cloud service gives the possibility to host the Identity Provider of an organisation on  the GARR Cloud platform. Thanks to this service, the organisation will be able to manage the digital identities of its users without managing with the underlying technological aspects. Depending on the needs of the organisation, it is possible to have only the Identity Provider to access the IDEM Federation or also a user management system (LDAP Server)
All organisations connected to GARR that are not yet members of the IDEM Federation can request an economic offer for the service by writing to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


FileSender is a web applications to send large files up to 100 GB. The service can be used by all users who are part of organisations joining of the IDEM Federation.


GARR Mirror distributes the most common public softwares available on the net.



GARR Vconf is the video communications service for HD video conferencing, connecting up to 80 locations simultaneously. Each user connected to GARR can directly access the service (provided that the organisation joins the IDEM Federation) or by requesting access credentials through their local network contact person (APM).



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